Meat-suit maintenance

Meat-suit maintenance: get your preteen body back baby. Yea right! Life requires maintenance to include your body, relationships, material items. Your meat-suit (body) needs to be detoxed as well. A great place to start is some kind of exercise. Who knew?

How is your meat-suit looking these days. Have you or can you balance your life to include meat-suit maintenance. The biggest excuses are time factors, family, tired, leg hurts and just fear. These are just the most common excuses I here. Do U have a colorful glow in your face with a smoking hot hard-body?.

You body really does not care, it simply adapts to your complacent mindset. If you teach your body some kind of scheduled cardiovascular, stretching and strength – that is your meat-suit maintenance. Maybe you already have a hot looking body because you are a young person, sorry it won’t last without meat-suit maintenance.

Exercise is important for staying healthy. It builds muscles, burns calories, maintains flexibility, and you enjoy the natural endorphin release AAAHHHHHH. Exercise actually helps your body to detoxify itself. A healthy lifestyle of exercise with a healthy diet teaches the body meat-suit maintenance. Failure to comply with meat-suit maintenance can lead to higher medical bills, psychological issues, and being shunned by the opposite sex.

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