Euphoric Dance


EU4IA Dance: The power of exercise compels you. My fitness philosophy is balance the core and the rest will follow. The proof is in my abdominal s. Why are you exercising anyway? Maybe it’s vanity based because we all need that second backside look. Inside the body blood flows to every cell in the body. Nutrition and oxygen delivered more efficiently with an elevated heart rate. Diet and exercise can deliver the right balance for your Mind, body & spirits capitol improvements.

Poor lifestyle choices may have you wondering if you can reverse unhealthy habits and the answer is yes. Reversing the effects of poor healthy habits can still take effect until approximately middle age. It’s also relevant to how much damage you have. You should ask yourself why you want to change to a healthier lifestyle. Your answer will be the best for yourself.

The medical industry is one of the biggest revenue industries. Have you asked yourself why the health industry is so rich. It’s not just because of their bureaucratic protected Industry, we are also the cause of inadequately taking care of ourselves. Blame yourself for failure to render aid for yourself. Stop trying to influence other peoples behavior, you’ll have better luck influencing your own.

Once you convinced the Mind of your new exercise routine, the body will follow suit. The spirit will support you newly acquired changes and the soul just approves the message. We are what we eat, your diet should address all the nutrients you need to have a healthier life. Just like exercise, develop your own diet by knowing thyself? People like to share information with moi, when I’m working out. They tell me heart warming stories or horrific nightmares about their health. One of the solutions to their problems always includes some kind of exercise therapy.

Finding the right adrenaline balance entails pushing high intensity workouts. Humans can be hypocrites, but if you stay own your progressive exercise schedule, you will experience that euphoria in your own way. Intense workouts relax the body and mind as it releases endorphins granting that Euphoric state of mind. So work up a sweat, shower and rest afterwards, AAAHHHHHH. You can have a U4EK high everyday, this blissful feeling is free, you won’t get busted for this kind of buzz, you feel and look better, AAAHHHHHH. Exercise you needed anyway.

Detox Version 1.0 Section A

Detox Version 1.0 Section A: A minor detox education with a major emphases on movement.
Detoxification is the cleansing of the internal organs of the body from environmental pollutants such as food waste, toxic poisons, harmful bacteria, alcohol, medications and toxic parasites. The human body is always getting rid of waste. The organs of detoxification include the colon, kidneys, liver, lungs, skin and lymph glands.

Natural detox happens with urination and bowel movements obviously with the colon and kidneys. The lungs filter out air pollutants before blood absorption. The liver is also a major organ used to detox the human body. Lymph is a fluid in white blood cells collecting harmful debris circulating in your system. On a basic level, lymph nodes detox with the help of the bodies movement.

Lung capacity tends to deminish over time. Poor liver functions can be seen through the eyes and other skin blemishes. Alcohol and wrong diets are a few ways the body exposes bad functioning livers. Poor blood circulation can punish the heart, brain, kidneys, liver and your limbs.

The process of stretching, deep breathing and elevated sweating through exercise removes fatty tissue. More water intake will help flush the toxins from your body. Exercise helps the body’s organs eliminate toxins by circulating blood and lymph. The more they circulate, the more the liver and lymph nodes can cleanse and purify the blood and lymph. Moving elevates the process of helping your organs work for you. Delivering oxygen and nutrients to every cell in the body will show through your complexion. Aaahhhh.

The point of this article is that exercising helps the detoxification process. You can read about a variety of ways for detoxification. As per my personal experience, I recommend exercise as it elevates the detoxification process naturally. Keep in mind the correct diet not mentioned in this post. I tend to look inward for natural solutions before I entertain external methods. You are a victim of your environment, so detox this you detoxalicious candy ass freak show.

Meat-suit maintenance

Meat-suit maintenance: get your preteen body back baby. Yea right! Life requires maintenance to include your body, relationships, material items. Your meat-suit (body) needs to be detoxed as well. A great place to start is some kind of exercise. Who knew?

How is your meat-suit looking these days. Have you or can you balance your life to include meat-suit maintenance. The biggest excuses are time factors, family, tired, leg hurts and just fear. These are just the most common excuses I here. Do U have a colorful glow in your face with a smoking hot hard-body?.

You body really does not care, it simply adapts to your complacent mindset. If you teach your body some kind of scheduled cardiovascular, stretching and strength – that is your meat-suit maintenance. Maybe you already have a hot looking body because you are a young person, sorry it won’t last without meat-suit maintenance.

Exercise is important for staying healthy. It builds muscles, burns calories, maintains flexibility, and you enjoy the natural endorphin release AAAHHHHHH. Exercise actually helps your body to detoxify itself. A healthy lifestyle of exercise with a healthy diet teaches the body meat-suit maintenance. Failure to comply with meat-suit maintenance can lead to higher medical bills, psychological issues, and being shunned by the opposite sex.

Phil Hardberger Park east (Friday) and Walker Ranch Park are hot in spring time action 2018. Ask these ladies if meat-suit maintenance works?


Procrastination Interrupted!

Spring procrastination is definitely in the environment. If you slacked off in the cooler temperatures or just took a break, the winter break is over. Now you realized you’ve gained a few pounds. Time to get your exercise routine started again? Don’t forget to spring clean your meat-suit.

Having trouble restarting your exercise routine? Ease into a starting point in a time line that works for you. Remember to work at your own pace according to your own policies and procedures. This a an elaborate plan to take care of yourself now and into the future. Drag your real friends and family members with you. Ask your self absorbed friends also, just to watch them squirm out of it. Taking care of yourself enables you to take care of other people.

Slow steady progressive exercise achieves your healthy lifestyle. Everything begins with the mind, so make the conscious decision to start your workout now. Once you start again, it will only take approximately two days to adapt to your exercise routine. Improve your mind-blowing benefits associated with healthy lifestyle goals. Another March madness perspective or March healthy lifestyle awareness.

Ambiguous Psychology

Psychology 001 Section A Paragraph 0.0: Who are you?
There is a psychology brewing in your mind right now and maybe your not aware of it. You may be getting ready to analyze a project or situation and you gather your thoughts. Apply that psychology to your healthier lifestyle upgrade you are currently developing. The process is constantly a work in progress due to changes and situations beyond our control. If you really want to develop your mind, body and spirit philosophy, a planned workout routine is a great place to start. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, it just has to be there.

Ready? begin. Once the preliminary plan of action is established, start your scheduled group classes or solitary workout. Knowing the strategy your pursuing will help you adjust your passion and stay consistent with the focused developed plan. You can join free (maybe donation based) fitness in the park classes or join a upscale GYM to watch TV in the AC with no pressure to exercise. You can also try those miracle expensive plans being advertised.

Maintenance. The psychology of the program you developed will reveal statistics in the first few months. You will continue to tweak your program as you see fit, but with a progressive enlightened attitude. Healthy lifestyle upgrades have no quitting option, they are robust and dynamic. Healthy lifestyles are expanding and changing with the psychology you created. A healthy mind and body will also enhance the spirit.

The psychology focus here is for building a consistent healthier lifestyle. This healthier lifestyle change will expand your awareness into higher realms of understanding. Exercise reaches far beyond your welfare, it’s also about the psychological therapeutic value called piece of mind. Know thyself is a philosophy that may be transformed into self knowledge that applies wellness to all other aspects of your life. Furthermore, balancing the mind, body and spirit will also enhance the soul into one cohesive you. The benefits/process are also robust/dynamic and will be revealed in future posts.


The objective of this website is to provide information about healthy lifestyles. Organizing and sharing healthy lifestyle information per my interpretation. Harry’s content flows with easy to understand focused entries. My highest regards to the many like minded perceptions whom share their valuable healthy lifestyles. The intended audience should observe their current way of life realistically. Even if your cynical in your everyday life, there may be some information in here that you can identify with?. My personal developed formal training comes from knowledge and experience, which qualifies me to be an healthy lifestyle fitness consultant. Providing healthy content keeping your awareness active on your conscious level. Use this quality of life information for your healthy lifestyle? or you can simply smirk with cynicism as if you already knew.