Euphoric Dance


EU4IA Dance: The power of exercise compels you. My fitness philosophy is balance the core and the rest will follow. The proof is in my abdominal s. Why are you exercising anyway? Maybe it’s vanity based because we all need that second backside look. Inside the body blood flows to every cell in the body. Nutrition and oxygen delivered more efficiently with an elevated heart rate. Diet and exercise can deliver the right balance for your Mind, body & spirits capitol improvements.

Poor lifestyle choices may have you wondering if you can reverse unhealthy habits and the answer is yes. Reversing the effects of poor healthy habits can still take effect until approximately middle age. It’s also relevant to how much damage you have. You should ask yourself why you want to change to a healthier lifestyle. Your answer will be the best for yourself.

The medical industry is one of the biggest revenue industries. Have you asked yourself why the health industry is so rich. It’s not just because of their bureaucratic protected Industry, we are also the cause of inadequately taking care of ourselves. Blame yourself for failure to render aid for yourself. Stop trying to influence other peoples behavior, you’ll have better luck influencing your own.

Once you convinced the Mind of your new exercise routine, the body will follow suit. The spirit will support you newly acquired changes and the soul just approves the message. We are what we eat, your diet should address all the nutrients you need to have a healthier life. Just like exercise, develop your own diet by knowing thyself? People like to share information with moi, when I’m working out. They tell me heart warming stories or horrific nightmares about their health. One of the solutions to their problems always includes some kind of exercise therapy.

Finding the right adrenaline balance entails pushing high intensity workouts. Humans can be hypocrites, but if you stay own your progressive exercise schedule, you will experience that euphoria in your own way. Intense workouts relax the body and mind as it releases endorphins granting that Euphoric state of mind. So work up a sweat, shower and rest afterwards, AAAHHHHHH. You can have a U4EK high everyday, this blissful feeling is free, you won’t get busted for this kind of buzz, you feel and look better, AAAHHHHHH. Exercise you needed anyway.

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