Harry’s contribution to the health care industry is executing a fitness routine and sharing information for healthier lifestyles. Your healthy lifestyle starts with your committed  exercise routine. Hello, my name is Harry and I have been enjoying a stretching, cardiovascular and strength exercise routine designed from my perspective. My ideology requires exercise as one of my mainstream objectives in life.

While practicing my routine, I ran into some like minded individuals who share similar fitness ideologies. Therefore, I decided to provide my perceptions and Interpretations for the Fitness agenda and exercise in general because I believe workouts provide the best therapy needed in today’s society. If my observation gets you off the mobile pokemon zombie phone, then this web page is worth my efforts.

The objective for this web page is to share my San Antonio, TX. 2016 Fitpass  experience with you? It consists of a well balanced exercise routine with some like minded friends. I visited most of the Fitpass instructors classes and also some of the other organized fitness experts to see what this city has to offer? Fitness in the park classes are year round and different from Fitpass, which runs three months in the summer by the same instructors. The Fitpass agenda creates awareness for the exercise programs (Fitness in the park) available in San Antonio year round. While I like to exercise in my personal time, it’s very powerful in a group dynamic. Physical passport or Software application.

I Fit, you Fit, they Fit, we all FitPass.

San Antonio’s implementation of a healthier lifestyle is colossal. These are professional health minded individuals passionate in training you and your cohorts exercise you actually need to live a better life. Take advantage of this unique situation, pass on the knowledge and thank the instructors after every class. There’s a class in the morning, noon, afternoons, weekends. They cover a variety of different classes just waiting for you to explore. Just trying them all will help you decide which exercise program works for you?

Class schedule links below:




The instructors listed below are organized in random order and not as my personal favorites. My analysis of these awesome instructors is based on other Fit-passer’s perspectives and not just my own interpretations. These instructors deal with different personalities, but still manage to balance their patience and exercise routines. The Instructor best for you is subjective – find one or ten. If you silence your mind and listen to some of these instructors, you might learn something about yourself other than exercise. Remember that your cooperation is required in developing your fitness lifestyle. Your future starts now, follow squirrel up the road to a healthier lifestyle?

West End park attracts many senior citizens. Audrey implements a low impact exercise for the seniors and anyone whom exercises at West End park. Sorry, no kids allowed. What makes this class interesting is that Audrey uses bingo with her low impact exercise routine to motivate the seniors. Were all looking for a little entertainment, you should see the smiles on their faces. Audrey communicates well with seniors using patience and a multilingual approach. Given a different venue, Audrey can implement a cross-fit agenda at Pearsall park that’s also very powerful.

This lady, we’ll call her Susan because that’s her name. She is not here at the moment, she is taking the class out for another educational tour. Wait! there they are on your right pondering the trail or maybe life itself. Whatever the case, I’m sure it’s relevant and important.

This lady has definitely found one of her purposes in life. She knows her animals, plant life and everything about the park. The parents and children love her classes at Hardberger park east.

This park has many amenities like a rechargeable battery (the one that runs golf carts) power station and filtered water. None of this was here in March 2009 when the park opened. Now this park is thriving everyday, except when it rains hard. It’s a great therapeutic sanctuary. Children and Pets always welcome here. kid friendly, mother approved.

I don’t want to go political with this, but Hardberger park has a built in conservancy who educates everyone strolling through the area. They are knowledgeable and are a valuable asset. One of the latest agendas on the table is east & west Hardberger. If the bridge to somewhere is built then that leaves only Hardberger park, period. I like to converse with these conservancy individuals on a regular basis. We like to be informed and I provide my own personal contribution to this park and Walker ranch as well. John & Colleen on the east side with Chuck and Jim on the west. John at Phil Hardberger park – west said “Hardberger park is an urban based natural area park that is environmentally sensitive & sustainable”. Recycled water and solar panels that generate more power than it uses.

Halloween in this country allows us to be our alter egos, it’s just comical. Amanda on the left photo down in front is no joke. This lady is no princess, she will work you to higher levels with her techniques. She is not only educated in the field, she has great work ethic in expressing her different exercise skills. Teaches many different successful classes, but her Yoga class is definitely one of her best.  Kick-boxing photo on the right at Walker ranch (great cardiovascular class). You can find her at Hardberger and Walker Ranch park. Amanda has a large steady fan base. She’s even a facebooker & a tweeter, haha.

https://www.facebook.com/AmandaRoxFitness                          https://twitter.com/AMFitnessHealth

John is a fitness Instructor who loves his workouts and sharing his passionate exercise routine. John is an ethical trainer and constantly develops different methods of exercise, keeping the workouts enjoyable. Stay in this class and you will find yourself enjoying a healthier fit lifestyle. Serious people like John are focused, providing one of the fastest ways to get into shape. His main classes reside at Enrique Barrera parkway (San Antonio operations). Woodlawn lake park has a consistent loyal fan base.

Ramiro is another fitness Instructor at Woodlawn park. This trainer offers well-balanced workouts developed with his many years of experience. This Instructor shares his passionate exercise philosophy  for all to here. This is one of many ideologies I have heard over the years and it expresses a motivational content you should here from him. Try this class at Woodlawn lake park Mondays/Thursdays. Woodlawn lake park has a consistent loyal fan base.

Michael on the left side white t-shirt, is an organized instructor that delivers a good workout. This instructor executes a cross-fit agenda that shows in his knowledge and implementation. Michael delivers a balanced diligent exercise agenda with a passive manner that works. You can find some of his classes at McAllister park. Michael has a large dedicated fan base.

Mary executes a stiff exercise program as well, she is usually at Hardberger west, but not today. She delivers her own style of exercise just like the other trainers. You might like workouts on Sunday for scheduling or die hard reasons. Whatever the reason, her workout sessions will be delivered in full. She is subbing for another instructor here at Woodlawn park.

Bruce is a colorful character who likes to express his vigorous workouts with humor. Bruce can execute different workouts such as family exercises, scaled down low impact and high intensity training. His systematic approach delivers a well balanced exercise agenda. If you look at the right picture just .5 inches or 1.27 centimeters right of center, you can see him giving me a signal. Catch him at Parman Library on Wilderness Oak and OP Schnabel park.

This gentleman is Charles, he is also well liked by most people he comes across. He teaches a game I can’t really think of at the moment. But it was fun and enjoyable and my new friend also has a large fan base. Charles can teach you (what was the name of that game?), and this game bridges the gap among different players? Given the height of the wooden net, this game builds strong lower back muscles. Whatever you case, go meet Charles and play a game with him, it’s worth the trip. You can find Charles at the Jesse James Leija Gym or the 400 block of Labor. What was the name of that game?

Dancing Instructors follow

Gigi is a graceful dancing instructor on the left that really knows her routine. I actually dance now, I like salsa and Line dancing. She teaches you her smooth dancing style with her pleasant kind spirit. Her pleasant smile combined with her passionate dance routine is simply something to experience. Dance with this beauty at Granados park.

Bianca on the left is very knowledgeable and has been teaching for many years. If your in this industry for years, you must be passionate and educated within your own field of knowledge. She teaches with a great deal of patience, knowledge and if you listen, you might learn something about yourself. Briana on the right is the newest instructor qualified to teach dancing lessons. The Folklorico dance pic. on the right was our talent show presentation. Just think, you could be next years Folklore dancers @ Granados park. You know you want to?

Here are the Folklorico (spanish for Folklore) dancers at Granados park. These ladies and myself in the middle put on a show for the seasoned citizens in our community. I never realized what a positive impact it had for our community till I saw there animated faces light up. My worries about how we were viewed quickly diminished after I realized the positive impact we had on the audience and the Instructors. It’s hard to find good voluntary help these days.

These were the Belly dancers whom also performed at the talent show in Granados park. They practice till they were all synchronized and ready to perform in their gracious styles. Yirla in the red shirt provided a well balanced Belly dancing team of winners. Great belly dancing ladies! Ladies on the right picture are dancing the Folklorico dance.

Here is a Zumba class called Aqua Zumba. Zumba instructors are very animated and love to move. These trainers (Christine left, Tory right) love to motivate their audience. The water adds real resistance to your Zumba in the water exercise. It’s very refreshing to workout in the water. Find it @ Woodlawn park.

Zumba at McCallister park is challenging early Saturday morning. Gloria implements a cool Zumba workout you should experience. She is very animated, yet organized when delivering this high velocity exercise routine. She has the audience enjoying and participating at every turn.

YMCA Instructors follow

Violet is a kick-boxing instructor that has a lot of energy as you can see it in her stamina. That beautiful smile matches her intensive workout.  If you can keep up with her? you will not have much energy left for the rest of the day. You will find yourself feeling better after you experience this high level of energy workout. Try this class if your serious about cardiovascular self defense? Check her out at the Y on Ruiz.

On the other side is David, very motivated in his exercise routine which is constantly evolving. This high energy young man has plenty of stamina and teaches his version of body pump. I managed to keep up in his class routine and it was worth the effort as he worked our entire core and every muscle required to pump you up. Find him at the Y on Ruiz.

Body pump with a muscular instructor will have you building muscle in no time. Body pump teaches lifting weights in a class environment. The proper amount of time frames, weight and repetitions. Karen on the right loves to workout as it shows in her routine and she always has a smile on her face. These ladies have put in the time, effort, to build hard bodies and it shows. Try Laura’s class at the Y on Ruiz for an extraordinary muscle building, body toning experience. Laura will pump you up, really!

These 3 generations of ladies love their Zumba. The dance was created in Columbia and is considered a high energy workout. This dance will keep you moving in all directions and should be experienced by all. The two ladies on both ends express their high intensity Zumba class with a great deal of smooth energy. Nora and Marline are just extremely hard working Zumba instructors full of gracious energy. Catch them at the Y on Ruiz.

External organized fitness professionals follow

Altitude Trampoline Park was very interesting way to exercise. Organized trampoline workouts with Stephan was a little unusual but awesome. He looks like someone with a magic trick, but this instructor has a great workout to show you. You just lunge, crunch and stretch while bouncing. You can do a horizontal lunge with a vertical bounce – awesome. And yes, you should try it? Huebner Oaks Shopping Center next to the Regal 14 movie theater.

Energy X Fitness on Broadway is like rowing in the water. These ladies are very passionate and knowledgeable about this brand of exercise. It’s fun, comfortable and you’ll walk away with a sense of exercise accomplishment. The classes are structured with cardiovascular, stretching and strength building. You’ll appreciate the ambiance, music and well balanced workouts.  Try not to stare at them, just do the exercise.

Joy Ride is another exercise class on Broadway I enjoyed that left me with a sense of accomplishment. They don’t mess around, they will have you working up a sweat. These classes are designed for cardiovascular stamina and they deliver. Joyride has a weekly mailing list for tracking peoples achievements, birthdays, policies and procedures at their establishment. Joyride was simply marvelous. This attractive instructor has a progressive quality work ethic and they have more like her.

Indoor games follow

How about table tennis (ping pong)? This game requires hand eye coordination and you learn from some sophisticated players at the mission library. This indoor game can be very competitive and you may enjoy investing the effort and time playing. The facilitators of the Library are very accommodating. Oscar and Jessica will make you feel like you right in your own living room. This Library is located on Roosevelt on the south side. They still allow children in Libraries. Kids are friendly – hope mother approves.

Granados senior center is a wonderful place to meet other seniors if you find yourself with nothing to do. It’s called a senior center because no children are allowed. They cater to the senior citizen’s (over a subjective age level) very well. They have some good dance instructors and other low impact instructors that visit on a weekly basis. Pickleball and Modified tennis really doesn’t work given the space available, but they try. They provide quality programs such as health related groups (Insurance) aimed at senior citizens. Granados provides quality entertainment at this facility.

Lions field is another senior center catering to seniors, no children allowed. There is only one ping pong table, but they have plenty of real estate surrounding the building if you like to run or jog.  They have a mild low impact exercise groups focused on seniors. Bridge is the card game of choice, but these seniors have many different talents and many interesting stories they share if you would visit and listen. Find this quite building at Broadway and Mulberry.

Berta Almaguer Dance Studio, 138 S. Josephine, 78201. Really off Cincinnati avenue. Biannca, Brianna and super hero Yirla respectively, can teach you hip agility. Yes, I made it up years ago. They teach line dancing, salsa and all kinds of dances unbeknownst to moi. This studio is kid friendly, mother approved.

You can also visit the Witte Museum, definitely a kids show.  They have some exhibits from a technological perspective. This is a brain workout for everyone, especially the kids. The 2016 Fitpass reintroduced me to the evolved San Antonio’s premiere museum of natural history, science and South Texas heritage. Located in Brackenridge Park and worth 5 points.

My exercise friends follow

These super heroes are more than meets the eye as they have been consistently improving their healthier lifestyles for years. It’s been approximately 5 years since I started working out with them. These family oriented super heroes manage to find the time and energy to reach their fitness goals.

These are some of my new Fitpass 2016 friends I met along the way, way too many to mention here. On the right picture Laura with the red shirt and  Lorrain with the black shirt played the Fitpass game with integrity. These intelligent  ladies really know how to balance their responsibilities and families while maintaining their healthier lifestyle goals. They love to salsa, line dance and play the fit family challenge (i.e. Zumba). They also did many strenuous workouts! awesome ladies.

Wow, you should see all the Fitpasser’s, they are just multiplying every year. Maybe it’s the new Trek bike, noooo – it’s the benefits of exercise.

Nutritionist and Dieticians follow

The food bank nutritionist not only teach you good eating habits, they will also show you how, literally. A simple task like eating correctly is missed by many people in this country. This particular class targeted diabetes, but the knowledge can be useful in other good diet habits. Additionally, these ladies know how to communicate there agenda with the correct amount of assertiveness.

The food bank has different departments in need of volunteers, just like in every community. Whatever you reason for or against, you need to at least try a couple of volunteer days to get a good perspective of what I perceive to be a humbling experience. One day you will need someone to volunteer for you.

Jennifer is a dietitian working for H.E.B. (red shirt) and has a broad knowledge of human nutrition and the regulation of diet (dietetics). This dietitian expresses her ideas with kind charismatic communications skills. She took us on tours at certain H.E.B.s around town and showed us the nutritional value of different foods and how to read labels. Yes, some people are still not reading labels. H.E.B. also offers Metabolic testing that can help you decipher your health related information and may even provide additional health issues you may have missed. This lady exercises regularly and has a wonderful smile to match her warm personality.

Speaking of eating right, one of the challenges was buying healthy food items. “Por tu vida” focused on healthy eating habits from healthy minded establishments I had not heard of nor seen. This is one of the lunches Laura had that took her 30 minutes to eat. Mine was gone in 30 seconds. Oliva’s downtown O’liva Cobb Salad Calories 400 • Total Fat 27g • Saturated Fat 6.5g • Sodium 400mg • Carbohydrates 12g • Fiber 4.5g • Added Sugar 0.5g • Protein 28g. I think I had Roasted Portobello with Vegan Chorizo Calories 340 • Total Fat 24g • Saturated Fat 3g • Sodium 610mg • Carbohydrates 30g • Fiber 9g • Added Sugar 0g • Protein 9g. mmmmmmmmmm delicious.

On the right is Barrio Barrista, a place where looks are deceiving sits at the corner of West Commerce & Culebra’s west side. Naked Bean Burger Calories 332 ∙ Total Fat 22g ∙ Saturated Fat 4g ∙ Sodium 730mg ∙ Carbohydrates 25g ∙ Fiber 8g ∙ Added Sugar 0g ∙ Protein 14g. Yes, I told you looks can be deceiving, it was goooooooooood.

These Y ladies are 2016 Seclovia volunteers helping traffic congestion on Broadway. There’s a Broadway in every city. They came out to support Seclovia (which I translated to I will exercise everyday & you should to) because they have a healthy lifestyle agenda. Thanks for blessing us with those kind healthy minded spirits. Remember to keep dogs on a short leach and you still have to obey traffic (i.e. people). The humble lady on the right, just look at that humble spirit, she is promoting http://visionzerosa.com/.  I agree with Vision Zero’s mission statement to be aware, alert and courteous. I am out there everyday if not most days. I have seen many near misses and managed to prevent a few. I ride/run on park trails and try avoiding street traffic, unless necessary. The biggest problem affecting roadways, side-walks and trails are distractions and failing to yield to pedestrian/bike traffic. It’s OK if you like pokemon application games, you might want to play it on your feet.

Parks and Recreation officials

These gentleman administered the Fitpass prizes for the 2016 program. They are very responsible  in maneuvering through the process in a professional manner with a safety conscious attitude. Ramiro is a fitness trainer on the left, Michael (middle) and Travis (right) are administration. Great work on your behalf.

Future  classes on the horizon?

I wanted to ad my perceptions, interpretations about developing a consistent exercise routine. The value of exercise should be robust, dynamic and progressive. Workouts improve looks, enhance the ego and that’s only the surface. More important hidden values may be ambiguous and go unnoticed. Attributes such as health (medical issues), the positive impact on your associates and a fully developed balanced lifestyle. Many hidden attributes to large to mention here, but worth exposing as they pertain to you. Experimenting with different exercises may reveal hidden talents you possess while improving your healthier lifestyle. Heavy workouts will pull you out of your comfort zone, you will either quit or keep pushing – I hope it’s the later? If it’s the former, do the less strenuous exercises. No time constraints, you have the rest of your life.

Fitpass and other exercise programs may help you develop the mind, body and spirit experience needed in finding your purposes in life. I believe our healthy lifestyles should follow a progressive aggressive nature. We came together as a community of like minded people called Fitpasser’s sharing our lives. This Fitpass program appeared to be a horror story, but really turned out to be a blessing in disguise (at least for me). I had already changed to a healthier lifestyle, but meeting similar characters with the same fit agenda was the blessing in disguise.

Now that Fitpass 2016 is over, don’t just sit there scratching you ass and picking your nose. Do something! your still earning points, karma, body, and relationship points? maybe your still not aware of the value of exercise? It’s a blessing in disguise. Once you’ve made the conscious decision to make the healthier lifestyle change, you will have to convince the body which will eventually follow given the right time frame. The spirit will always be in unison, thus very powerful when all three are working together.

If you were involved in Fitpass and earned 100’s of points, you should have recognized some kind of toning on your body, maybe you learned a new dance? If you were surprised that you did not see any benefits to your body, then you should at least know what corrections are needed and keep exercising? If you earned over 1000 points, you should have seen and benefited  with a toned balanced core. Maybe you built muscle mass, experienced weight loss or learned various dances. Some of my benefits included the former, health related benefits and meeting like minded individuals. Exercise is a lifetime work in progress. It’s a very short lifespan, if you are awarded the opportunity to live it healthy, why choose the alternative. Maybe you would like a middle-aged mind with a 20 year old hard body. My testimonial is balance the core and everything else will follow.

Fitpass, fitness in the park, volunteering and health awareness should be recognized as San Antonio’s and local Municipalities value in the community. The Fitness administration of Michael and Travis has been stupendous given the uncharted programs expanding development. I also appreciate the city Mayor’s Fitness Council web portal (www.FitCitySA.com) for investing in it’s citizens healthier lifestyles. The city started the Parks and Recreation – Fitness in the Park agenda, we the people are the content needed to support the program making it robust and dynamic.