Harry’s Summer Adventure 2017

Welcome! If you have reached this page in error, then read it straight away – anyway.  Are you looking for a good time, do you like to get high. Then Read Harry’s Summer Adventure. My name is Harry and I approve this web page. harry@ezpro.net

WARNING: Daily exercise may cause serious weight loss, a daily healthy constitution, controlled hypertension, controlled equilibrium, increased immunity to bacterial and/or viral diseases, weight loss envy, increased self esteem, glares from the opposite sex, throwing rocks at your significant other and may cause a euphoric state of pleasure equivalent to your highest peak.

Part of the intent of this web page is to provide solutions to societies health care problems. Changing our diets and exercising has become common knowledge few dare to challenge. Making better choices for our bodies is not happening fast enough. We have exposed man made sugar for what it really is, yet we still eat it. We live in a free capitalistic market which should reward those for making healthier lifestyle changes, instead premiums still rise whomever is in office. Legislation benefiting free capitalism in the unaffordable health care industry intended on raising sales while we destroy our health. Health care solutions on the macro level (big picture) will probably never come into fruition and premiums will rise and payouts decrease. It was always our individual responsibility to emphasizing health care on the individual (micro) level.

Some people have health conditions that require government intervention. Some of us just push through whatever issues plaque us. We all should know the health issues we are dealing with right now in our geographical area. I will only focus on solutions, not the problem. We have seen situations of deteriorating health followed by health care policies that ran there course. In most cases knowledgeable exercise may have helped? coulda, woulda, shoulda. Maybe you are seeking a psychological emotional release, I would recommend exercise therapy. Sometimes I tend to overdo my workouts but it works for me. Very simply, maybe exercise will work for you. It just is, it just be. I am simply an educated man providing awareness to expand the healthy human experience. Creating a healthier lifestyle Buzz. I am only posting a sizable portion of Harry’s Summer Adventure event of 2017 at this time. Do not take it personal if you or your organization were not mentioned. harry@ezpro.net

My primary objective here is to promote healthier lifestyles and is not intended to offend, challenge or call anyone out. Sharing my perspective and perceptions may provide valuable information for anyone that needs more inspiration. Moreover, to explore the San Antonio’s new fitness agenda and analyzing what kind of impact they are having on their citizens.  Finally, consider my comical feedback as it surrounds FitPass, Fit Family Challenge, and my health minded content. Exercise daily, your meat suit is a terrible thing to waste. My humor runs dry in this web page. Pun averted.

San Antonio’s Bureaucracy: Budget me 2017

The city of San Antonio (through the Parks and Recreation, San Antonio sports) has implemented a strategy for it’s citizens awareness for a healthier lifestyle. Parks and Recreation uses FitPass for exercise classes, nutritional classes, volunteering and a mobile fit van to develop a healthy knowledge base. While San Antonio sports utilizes Zumba as it’s exercise of choice. San Antonio Sports developed Fit Family Challenge created from donations. Health care providers (health screenings), Insurance providers, and Businesses support San Antonio Sports active exercise agenda. Their mission statement reads “To transform our community through the power of sport”. Read about it on their website.

The benefits of fitness will reveal themselves through monetary, physical and psychological rewards. Whatever your opinion is about the cities spending, operations and venues, developing parks and recreations along with local sport minded events has produced healthier mindsets I have witnessed myself. It is my opinion that FitPass, Fit Family Challenge and Fitness in the Park is a colossal success seen best by actual witnesses (moi). Many residents and visitors from other states and countries have told me they appreciate the healthy lifestyle initiative. The programs are working as we speak. Healthy habits now prevents high medical bills later.

I would not recommend bicycling on these bike unfriendly city streets. I usually ride in the local parks, but sometimes on city streets if there is some kind of perceived gas shortage. There are to many distracted drivers as statistics will show and I have witnessed myself everyday going to the park. I see the improvements to the cities Infrastructure referring to sidewalks and parks. We appreciate those improvements, these changes are needed in preventing pedestrian, bicycling accidents.

San Antonio is transforming into a fit city. The numbers will start to reflect a healthier city in the near future. This is a fact and you are helping? The cultural assimilation of healthier lifestyles has begun and the occupants living in this city are responding. Citizens will perceive this city as a fit city. RIGHT?

The Major and Council members have incurred a new lease in management. Your logistics training can now be put to good use expanding the healthier Lifestyle agenda and seeing your plans come to fruition. Your detailed oriented training combined with your patience is nothing less than a winning strategy. Emerson Quote alert: The reward of a thing well done is having done it.

This young lady claims San Antonio is a Fit City. Maybe she is right, she and her friends like to walk frequently. Yes sweetie, we see the hash tag. #fitcitySA

Sloth and Gluttony: Scratching and Picking

The fountain of youth may not be hidden in the temples on the other side of the world, it’s in your neighborhood park. Known as exercise that requires actual work keeping the blood flowing to every cell in your body. Develop a flow of energy running cohesively through your mind, body and spirit. If you have a preexisting lack of exercise condition? then gently ease into your new exercise routine.

Alternative weight loss methods use pills that may cause weight loss, but can lead to harmful effects in the body. There is no short cut to a healthier lifestyle, you’ll reap the benefits for every burpee, power lunge, run, yoga stance and every exercise you execute. If your just showing up for points, your just helping your ego’s need for materialistic items. The effort is mainly for your healthy benefit.

After a workout, your body will want to feed more than usual. Self-discipline determines calorie intake. Calorie intake – calorie burning = weight gain or loss. Sugar also distorts the chemistry in your body, so stop eating sugar. Recalibrate your diet with all the education FitPass, Fit Family Challenge and the Internet has to offer.

People can tell you everyday how good diet and exercise is for you, but until you have made that decision, it will not happen. Missing TV shows and other distractive drama’s may be your last recourse. Release your stress with exercise instead. Quit creating obstacles in your mind. Metaphor alert: Your mind can move mountains, but doubt creates them. Quit scratching you ass and picking your nose, go workout and stop creating excuses. Pun exclusive.

Tough Love: Kiss This

If you haven’t made the decision in your mind to exercise? you will most likely fail on all attempts. If you don’t make a commitment in you mind and develop a schedule, the body will follow that behavior and no healthy lifestyle changes will occur. Don’t bother frustrating yourself and those around you? If you are complacent with your current lifestyle, changes will not happen with you. Stop whining, making excuses or blaming yourself and others. I love being prepared and I hate it when I’m not.

For those of you who keep pushing with little results, it’s OK, we know the effort you put in. Maybe you have a slower metabolism or your body still hasn’t fully adapted to your minds agenda. It will take a little longer for some to manifest weight loss and/or the desired outcome. Keep pushing, no time constraints. You may have to stop drinking alcohol at least for awhile and maybe get better supportive friends.

Knowing yourself implies adapting your method of staying current with your  exercise routine. Our capitalistic society wants everything NOW, this is the wrong strategy for healthier bodies. There is no instant gratification here, the required time for your body to adapt must be considered for a healthier mind, body, spirit and soul transformation.

Recognizing our human frailties and hypocrisies, we still play the game of life. The powers that be and others do not care if we have problems, but when you start trying anyway, they will support your efforts. The health care Industry has already turned into a profitable money pit, so expect to pay higher premiums, higher deductibles and other out of your pocket expenses if you get sick. Do yourself a huge favor for once and join free exercise classes at your local park. Your healthier lifestyle is your health insurance. People will follow your physical direction in that it’s more powerful than just talk. People always lie, but your numbers will never lie in this scene. Pun this.

FitPass: Point Monger Euphoria Junkie

FitPass requires hunting for the most points in a given time frame. The most points in past years yielded the winners and probably is the same in 2017. The Parks and Recreation department hosts the FitPass program with all it’s distinction. The FitPass program also revealed different perceptions and perspectives on their approach to wellness? Moreover, playing FitPass revealed hidden virtues about this city that receive advertising mostly through individual networks. Logistics scavenger hunt or a logistics nightmare, you be the judge.

FitPass point monger defined in this situation is one who tries to accumulate more points within the stated guidelines. These characters tend to strategize more, spend more time, spend additional resources and gather more points through logistical techniques. Point Mongers tend to build mental endurance with physical stamina. These characters like prizes, but the trill of the game is what’s really enticing. The thrill of the game is infectious causing your mind to develop point-thrill syndrome. Watch out for these characters, they tend to build healthy relationships with like minded individuals. Birds of a feather, point monger together. All FitPass participants turned into point mongers at some point as it becomes part of the game? If you see these characters on the street, don’t try to encourage more points, just say hi. After FitPass, allow ample time to diminish their point mongering ego’s. Pun original.

FitPass 2017. Can you identify the point mongers in the picture above? He or She should be considered cunning and there may be more than one?

Fitpass’s competitive nature reveals one’s true emotional values. So what did I just say? FitPass made us a little crazier than usual – some much needed emotional release (therapy). Your family hates FitPass and will not understand your desire for playing it in the first place. FitPass requires adequate time, effort and resources. If you played FitPass? did you considered why you were playing the game? did you realized important aspects of your personality? did FitPass send you out of your comfort zone reaching an aggressive agenda of point mongering? Playing FitPass CORRECTLY elevates that naturally induced euphoric state of mind. As previously stated, releasing those inner endorphins is a tremendous natural high unmatched by any man made illusion. An altered state higher than opioid stimuli. Best in class healthy addiction unmatched by any other stimuli. Yes! FitPass Euphoria junkie. AAAHHHHHH.

Arachnida enhanced by Intelligent design, creationism and evolution. She will eat all of us.

We all did our best working with our schedules, some of us employed our talents while others kept trying their level best. We all worked through our difficulties, it was a good run for the points.

I found this smiling lady at the Witte, she loves to support the FitPass adrenaline junkies. Yes sweetie, we love to play FitPass. She knows all the usual suspects.

I met some great people during FitPass, making healthy connections. We did not just plan well, we also did the work very well. My cohorts and I performed some very nasty duties at the Food Banks Urban Garden that involved farming, animals, trash and ant bites galore just for more points. We endured complex situations with grace under pressure. It wasn’t about pride for some of us (to much pride is arrogance), we loved the thrill of the game and of course winning prizes. We played that FitPass euphoric dance to it’s fullest extent. We became humble characters enhancing our existence with psychological workout games to enrich our healthy lifestyles. FitPass Junkie.

I really should have kept my old farming clothes. Those coveralls would have saved some of my clothes.

Yes, we loaded all those watermelons. Her and I picked most of these watermelons. This young lady though it was just funny tossing watermelons around, she still had plenty of strength and stamina left over.

It’s very important to note that we also participate in Fitness in the Park activities before and after FitPass. I personally know many individuals and groups (including moi) that utilize Fitness in the Park activities without FitPass. I have met many Fitness in the Park participants whom wouldn’t have done any physical activity had it not been for the FitPass kick-start.

We found our Zen at Yoga, don’t laugh, it was remarkably refreshing. Yoga master says OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Can you spot any point mongers in this picture?

We thought inside, outside and all around the box rearranging personal schedules, professional schedules and revising unforeseen circumstances. Volunteering and health related classes became vitally important this year (2017) as the game Conductors planned. Dangling the rewards for the top point earners revealed at the end. The limits were the Fitness in the Park classes, but the external classes were wide open but usually scheduled close together creating an insolvable conundrum especially on Saturday. When I first looked at the passport, I knew FitPass 2017 was going to be ambiguous, chaotic and unforgiving. Speculative analysis; not even the flow of information management logistics strategy could solve.

These people just like to pose for pictures. Maybe they like to dance or maybe they’re FitPass junkies. Ms. B. was mainly responsible for the Granados talent show in late September 2016. She taught us various dance moves we will always remember.

Administration hosting FitPass did their best to host an honest game. The Parks and Recreation department executed a healthy enlightening game we all enjoyed. We all appreciate your efforts and most of us recognize the mechanics the Parks and Recreation department implemented for FitPass 2017. We may have at times seemed a little pretentious, that was excitement. We served the FitPass game in wellness activities such as great dining, nutritional values, healthy dietary perceptions, supporting our community/churches/parks, a variety of approaches to workouts, metaphysical education, self-defense techniques, supporting our friendly critters and farming techniques that deserved viewing? If you were part of the FitPass agenda and would like to mentioned here, then send me a note to harry@ezpro.net .

We played the game with awards based strictly on blind faith. Most points determines prizes. We were more than OK with structural changes to FitPass such as volunteering, health awareness and the time constraints. Points are counted with software applications and/or paper Passports. Part of the games strategy this year was to figure out the psychology behind the game. I knew the new structural adjustments would change the amount of points allowed as well as the games time constraints. Maybe these changes reflect last years FitPass which was an amazing free for all I really enjoyed. Maybe these changes are pending feedback? The question becomes were they better or worse? That is subjective based on which end of the spectrum you reside in? Yes it’s quite the conundrum, we get it. Remember, this is no complaint, considered it speculative analysis from Harry’s summer adventure.

The conductors try to keep everyone in the loop for equal prize distribution. I knew that awarding many prizes keeps the natives happy and I loved seeing those smiles. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. We promoted and supported FitPass, we even helped our competitors on occasion. We worked through the good, the bad and the clueless. The difficulty is monitoring the attendance and effort. The Honer system must come from the participants. Unfortunately you have to keep people honest at times. FitPass never promised anything but prizes and you delivered. We knew Policies and Procedures were/are subject to change at any point. We all know how speculative analysis works? coulda, woulda, shoulda. FitPass adds real enjoyment to my life, please do not kill my point-thrill buzz. FitPass junkie. Pun original.

But, FitPass 2017 was structured to allow multiple participants to gain approximately the same possible amount of points allowed in multiple categories (all four categories must be explored). Also, widening the winners circle would increase more winners allowing the distribution of top prizes. Bravo FitPass puppet Masters. The game changed from physical activity to logistics. Most of us played FitPass all day everyday (even encompassing all four pillars) to make sure we had the most points. As it turned out, the effort may have been over exceeded. FitPass 2017 yielded top ten winners, congratulations, this means ten people get the same top prizes. But what if some were point challenged, slightly diminishing the competitive spirit. I guess this is how the game played out in 2017. The thrill of victory, no agony or defeat. I think the disparity came from the lack of Volunteering interest?  Simply speculative analysis on my part. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Now that FitPass 2017 is over, if your face is still green with envy or your still tasting sour grapes, then I guess you can blame the usual suspects. Pun original.

I know FitPass will be receiving subjective feedback for some period of time. I myself have some recommendations I will reveal later? I really enjoyed FitPass 2017 or you wouldn’t be reading this web page. I am already contemplating FitPass 2018 and the changes I think will occur. I do not create policy, I just play in it. As you can tell, we love FitPass, that’s why we are investing so much time, energy and resources into the game. You educated and executed healthier lifestyles in the city of San Antonio. Wasn’t that the goal in the first place.

Prizes awarded for FitPass 2017. Trek Bike, Full Body Composition w/scale, Solar powered back pack, Fitbit charge 2 and a smart water bottle ( yes the bottle is intelligent ).

Zumba Challenged: Déménager (move where)?

Fit Family Challenge on the other hand provides a more subdued atmosphere. Trainers execute their best to motivate, participate and assimilate the art of Zumba. Fit Family Challenge encompasses one class four times a week to gather the same amount of points for everyone in attendance used to draw prizes. Fit Family Challenge put on by the San Antonio Sports team and there Associates are well liked individuals. They are well supported by many associates, businesses, health minded industries?.

They also utilized recent or soon to be graduates to gain insight into the job market. They should be called employees, they were a valuable asset to the San Antonio Sports Team. They performed their duties like professionals handling pretentious participants. Congratulations fresh graduates as you gage the current ambiguous job market. Harry believes in you. paronomasia awarded.

Zumba can be very beneficial if you engage the dance aggressively? Zumba moves in many different directions engaging most if not all muscle groups. My concern about Zumba is learning different routines from different trainers. Thankfully they do not deduct points for being Zumba challenged like myself. There are many Zumba classes now to name the best Instructors, let just say it’s subjective. Try classes in your area and promote your instructor of choice.

The San Antonio Sports team inspires large groups of Bexar county residents to be more athletic. The Zumba instructors are passionate about their dance routines. Zumba classes are inspiring people to do what they should be doing everyday – anyway. I have personally talked with Zumba participants who claim Fit Family Challenge contributed to their healthier lifestyles. Fit Family Challenge participants attending Zumba classes build support groups. These support groups help each other through the good, the bad and the ambiguous.

Here’s a couple of Zumba Instructors who really enjoy dancing. They always put on a good show. If you can keep up, you will achieve your exercise goals. I photo-flashed myself.

These ladies understand the art of Zumba since most women love to dance. They understand the benefits of exercise and the possibility of winning a descent prize. Party on ladies.

Can you spot any point mongers in this photograph? I bet your getting goose bumps right now? That clown is now a part of your dreams. Quit clowning around.

Zumba exercises all the muscles associated with and the core itself.

The more classes you attend, the better your odds. Each class entails dropping another ticket with your name on it. Each educational facility gives away $500.00 gift cards at the end of the Challenge. The three big events award prizes at the end of each session $1000.00 only require approximately >=50% or better attendance to receive adequate points to qualify. There are other prizes like T-shirts, sports tickets and other possible prizes/drawings not mentioned here. In this setting you only go to one educational facility four times a week and of course the big event on Saturday. No need to travel all over town like a FitPass junkie. The fourth and last big event encompasses four $1000.00 prizes only requiring approximately fifty percent attendance as well. Attendance alone can incur a prize since it’s based on “luck of the draw”. Still better odds than the TX lottery.

Why is everyone rushing to register on the first day of Fit Family Challenge 2017?

Maybe this is why.

The Administration hosting Fit Family Challenge did their best to host an honest game. We experienced your managerial skills, unambiguously. All but some unforeseen schedule changes kept you right in line with our strategy. We know the prizes, players, rules and no guess work needed. A little pretentious at times, we managed through the art of Zumba. No ambiguity here, we knew from the beginning less attendance and maybe slight participation (<=50%) than your highest scoring cohorts yields approximately the same prize winning chances. Luck rules the day. You can monitor attendance, but effort is difficult. The Honer system must come from the participants. Unfortunately you have to keep people honest at times. We understand the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Harry’s speculative analysis. Fit Family Challenge implies family, but singles can join as well. In the end, you exceeded your goal of educating and executing healthier lifestyles. The point exactly.

A taste of Harry’s medicine: Sugarless spirit

The content provided here is from one of my purposes in life developed through experience and knowledge. If your philosophy differs from mine, then we probably travel our unique paths reaching similar goals. I am no dietary consultant, it does not take a bachelor’s degree to figure out what your body needs. The following content is a basic level summary to help you develop some kind of a workout strategy and maybe some nutritional values. Consider detoxing methods as well, which is way out of this pages direction? If you don’t care about my perspective/ perception, skip to the next section?

Diets are robust and dynamic, what’s good today has changed two months later. The trick is to find the diet right for you, not the main stream diet that fits all. Take some classes to keep your awareness current and implement a starting point. Developing your own balanced diet tailored to your metabolism level and change it to your fitness plan of action. Reevaluate your diet – carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, fiber, fruits and vegetables you crave. Drink water as we are sixty percent water already. The amount of food you consume will change with your workout level.

My generation and surrounding generations are still paying a huge price for our sweet tooth habits we incurred decades ago. Stay away from sugar, processed foods, salt, low sodium and other fat junk. Thankfully, my teeth are still intact and I’m still healthy. You can repair most unhealthy habits developed decades ago, but you will pay a healthy price. I don’t make policy, I just play in it? Pay for junk food now, pay for the weight gain of that junk food later, pay for the doctors/pharmaceutical bills later. It took me some time to get rid of sugar, and I have really noticed the difference.

Today’s breakfast yields hardboiled eggs with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Oatmeal with raises and walnuts, bananas, blueberries, garlic and apples. Some honey for my sweet tooth.

Lunch combines Alaskan salmon or Wild planet albacore tuna, spinach, black beans, corn, peas, green beans, avocado, peas, pineapple, peach, tomato, onions, banana, mushrooms, sweet potatoes are my favorites, but I love most fruits and vegetables. The sweet potatoes and bananas are my flag for potassium.

Evening munches consists of granola bars, almonds, dark chocolate, water melon, cantaloupe, carrots, grapes, mango, flax seeds and nuts. Smoothie galore that consists of many healthy items. Build your own smoothie and only use the ingredients you love.

Balance the core and everything will follow: The proof is in my abdominals.

Remember this content was established from my own perspective (my point of view) and perceptions (interpretation). The following should be viewed as a basic level strategy to start developing your exercise routine.

My exercise routine starts with stretching exercises, bending in many different directions, bending the core, hips, neck, legs, arms, eyes, skin, mouth, tongue, all attached limbs, and always breath. Stretching is the prerequisite for running or any strength exercise. You need to prime the muscles before you can ask them to do fantastic moves for you they don’t normally do.

The next step is cardiovascular such as running, jogging, sprinting or swimming. Maybe 5K – 8K or lap swimming depending on how frisky your feeling? K. Push through, expand the workout by running faster, longer. Approximately an hour. Breath – AAAHHHHHH.

The previous steps lead to strength training. Monkey bars help me with pull-ups, hanging upside down curls, hand stand pushups, head stands (stretching everything). Lift free weights if you like? Burp those burpees, jump switch those lunges, and maybe back-flips? If you feeling frogy, go ahead and leap.

It suddenly turns into cardiovascular strength exercise with already stretched muscles. Heavy duty training expanded into Hardcore muscle development. My type of workout allows agility with every muscle movement as I focus on abdominal workouts. Building all three, cardiovascular toned muscles for approximately two to three hours. Exposure to the elements like the brutal heat and humidity will affect your performance and endurance.

Kicking Bob in the face was easy because Bob doesn’t move or hit back. I know I don’t look like much.

Try two classes like Interval training, Boot Camp with two hours of my exercise routine mentioned above for a great workout. Maybe a cross fit class and circuit training that builds muscle; with two more hours utilizing my own developed routine. Expect endorphins around noonish. Workout for about six hours throughout the entire day. Four of these hours needs to be high intensity if your expecting an awesome natural high. The stretching, cardiovascular strength will start to work in unison. Work through the good and the bad. Some days will have you feeling like ten classes or something comparable, while other days will only allow two. This will deliver oxygen and nutrients to every cell in your body. AAAHHHHHH.

To reiterate, take an stretching/yoga class or stretch yourself, then focus on your cardiovascular, and finally end up with a hardcore strength training class. Genuine workouts is one of the best things you can do for yourself in this life. Whether it’s gardening, running or lifting some kind of weight for a progressively sustained period of time. Developing a well rounded routine encompasses stretching, cardiovascular and strength training. Core exercises help stabilize muscles in the spine and enable you to use your upper and lower body more effectively. Your developing balance and flexibility with exercises such as sit ups and planks. Balance the core and everything else will follow suit.

There are many great exercises implemented by Fitness in the Park trainers and I have tried most of them. Try interacting with other participants and support the Instructors. Instructors provide much needed informational awareness, support and direction. They will appreciate your supportive feedback as well.

I don’t know these characters in the background, they just photo-bombed my camera. Maybe they’re exercise freaks with Fitness in the Park. Who knows? Who do these people think they are suppling exercise to adrenaline junkies? Healthy adrenaline pushers.

One of the most cardiovascular strength ass burning classes in one hour is body combat. This class is performed indoors, so no sun dehydration. This class alone resides in the beginners range and it’s one place to assess your cardiovascular strength. Try completing the entire class without stopping. If you say F?%$ this and walk out midway through the class, then you are not alone, obviously needing cardiovascular strength work. If you just stand there because your too tired, need I say more? Do not get discouraged as this class can be used to evaluate your current physical level.

These people tried body combat and they survived without any long term ill effects. Although, short term they did complain about sore legs, arms and butts. Mission accomplished.

Now, try doing body combat after a five to eight kilometer run with strength and stretching exercises equivalent to two or three hours stopping long enough to drink water and breath. Follow my routine on a mild Sunday and impress me. Furthermore, complete three hours of additional cardiovascular strength classes after midday body combat, then you can be considered hardcore. Pun exclusive.

This scenario is not intended to impress you, it’s just a simple way for me to get my point across. This hypothetical workout is intended to help find your mid-range milestone, that’s when you begin to really feel that euphoric calorie dropping paradise you were seeking. I thought you were trying to enhance your workout into something worthy of your being?. Remember to walk around doing your breathing and stretching exercises like it was just part of the day. Pun awaiting approval.

If the description above is out of your range, then ride a bike, walk, dance or engage a low intensity workout. You still release serotonin and endorphins at a milder level. Do this everyday or something similar every day. Scale the workout per your desired fitness level. Without knowing your current situation, this should be considered speculative analysis. Exercise everyday for about an hour, if not then every other day for at least an hour. Keep working through your concerns and issues as you’ll be so exercise involved, your family will have to accept it?

Meditation works well as a daily ritual in the mornings or evenings. Subjective knowledge.

Psychology: The power of Fitness lies in your mind.

There is a psychology working here that you should be aware of, know thyself. This ideological philosophy has been around for thousands of years, if you do not recognize it, please consult your form of Internet access. The idea is to figure out who you are and then apply the necessary adjustments. Not who you think you are or who you want to be?, those are the adjustments. Personal Intelligence will help develop your exercise routine. There are many events you can’t control, but exercise and diet are within your grasp. Transforming the mind, body, spirit and soul into your healthier lifestyle. When your mind and body are in sink, if feels great as they complement each other in daily activities. Remember the body will need proper time to adjust to the minds new dietary exercise plan. Metaphor Alert: You can lead a horse to water and if you stand there long enough? the horse will eventually drink.

Most of this content focuses on beginners and intermediate levels? However, I enjoy conversing with experienced Athletic personal no matter what type of workout they subscribe to? They love to share their knowledge and they usually have a special style that works for them. Athletes share their workout routine and diet habits. I have noticed that more Women than Men tend to workout. Ladies also monitor their diets based on my observations. They also seem to have a better command of their schedules; I wonder why? Pun neutral.

The classes and the Trainers change but the point is establishing your own workout routine. You begin to develop a network of similar ideologies that become your support group. Stay with support groups harboring character traits such as Honesty, Integrity, Responsibility, Humility, Respect, Politeness and Discipline. Those are traits of true friends you can trust to keep you active. Believe in yourself, most people say “I can’t do this or that”. Look in the mirror everyday and say “I believe in you”. People will start to believe you. Stay within your limits.

Join us, some of us have no appointed schedule, it just happens at different times and days for everyone. I workout at many parks, but I mainly enjoy local parks such as Phil Hardberger and Walker Ranch. If your like me; then enjoy strenuous workouts that will have you breathing a sigh of relief when you release that extremely complicated neurotransmitter called Dopamine, Seratonin and Endorphins. Maybe some Epinephrine and Norepinephrine adrenaline reducing depression and stress. To many unchartered hormones beyond my knowledge of study, so I’ll wait for another neuroscience breakthrough? It just feels good – AAAHHHHHH.

Conclusion: Restated abbreviated Content

We all benefited from these healthy fitness games the city started. Exercise reaches far beyond your welfare, it’s also about the psychological therapeutic value called piece of mind. The health screening numbers revealed important aspects of our health. Know thyself is a philosophy that may be transformed into self knowledge that applies wellness to all other aspects of your life.

My workout strategy works well for moi, but it may not be ideal for everyone. Exercise strategies are analyzed to develop more elaborate, robust and dynamic exercise routines. This is your fitness buddy inviting you to take a fitness class at your neighborhood park or hike your favorite trail with your nature loving companion. Intense workouts relax the body and mind as it releases endorphins granting that Euphoric state of mind. So work up a sweat, shower and rest afterwards, AAAHHHHHH.

The city started something some of us already subscribe to and it wassss? Correct! Healthier Lifestyles. FitPass, Fit Family Challenge and Fitness in the Park are programs designed to develop healthier lifestyles. Take advantage of these programs but also support them whenever and however you can? These programs need positive feedback through social media or utilizing the face to face approach. No support may result in budget eliminating programs such as FitPass, Fit Family Challenge and Fitness in the Park. If participants just grace us with their presence but fail to complete the required exercise, then sloth rules the day. We want San Antonio to be know as Fit City.

We really enjoyed the FitPass program as it was more complex engaging our competitive nature. Maybe you thought we were just point mongering? We actually learned about important organizations in our community involved in enhancing the human spirit. We learned about hidden Gems that reside in this city. These facilities offer different approaches to wellness such as great dining, nutritional values, healthy dietary perceptions, supporting our community/churches/parks, a variety of approaches to workouts, metaphysical education, self-defense techniques, supporting our friendly critters and farming techniques that deserve viewing? To large to mention here, as it requires time, resources and effort to name all of you in detail? Should you require additional feedback? send Harry a note @ harry@ezpro.net.

For example, the Food Banks urban garden provided an interesting volunteering program implementing solutions to feed the community. Fresh produce feeding hungry individuals who may not otherwise be able to afford healthy food. This is our community Food Bank supporting the healthy human experience. The Food Bank uses open source knowledge shared by all. Volunteers gain knowledge through actual physical activities. Once you maneuver past the ladies in the front office, you begin to experience what the Food Bank is farming on the back 40 – acres. Volunteering included some animal maintenance, grounds keeping, and farming attributes. The horse barn, the goats and crop maintenance causes a déjà vue feeling like you stepped into the twentieth century. These food bank characters deal with an adverse environment with positive realistic attitudes. Most Food Bank employees working in the environment engage volunteers in a pragmatic practical manner. No hidden agenda. We enjoyed your company that’s why your being mentioned? Your welcome.

I think these ladies work at the Food Bank or they just photo-bombed my camera. There are a lot of photo-bombers living in our society today.

The gentleman above dressed like a field worker and not like a FitPass watermelon junkie is farmer Mike, not to be confused with father Mike. He won’t bless you, but his blessings reside in his knowledge of the land. That watermelon was sweet and delicious. Yummy

Ride this.

Health Insurance is a business, prices will continue to rise. It’s very difficult to shop for better prices in this Industry. If your sick? medical staff and medicine will help, but ultimately your immunity is the last line of defense. Your lifestyle is your health Insurance policy. Developing your own exercise routine will give your body increase blood flow, improve your body image and the immune system it needs to repair itself and fend off diseases/viruses. Diet and exercise is your preventive maintenance.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity is linked to numerous health problems, such as hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. Obese children tend to have psychological problems such as low-self esteem. Obesity is costing over $100 billion per year. Take care of your meat suit and it will take care of you.

Once you convinced the Mind of your new exercise routine, the body will follow suit. The spirit will support you newly acquired changes and the soul just approves the message. We are what we eat, your diet should address all the nutrients you need to have a healthier life. Just like exercise, develop your own diet by knowing thyself? People like to share information with moi, when I’m working out or just out. They tell me heart warming stories or horrific nightmares. One of the solutions to their problems always includes some kind of exercise therapy. If you enjoy these program incentives, but show slight effort, then you are missing the whole objective. The stress release is at the local park, not in the soap opera. Show the powers that be how significant you can be, they love a great show? I just saved a bunch of money on my health care by switching to exercise. Pun awaiting approval.

Harry’s summer adventure is not intended to offend anyone in anyway. It should be considered positive feedback with all concerned. My cohorts and I respect FitPass, Fit Family Challenge and all the people who administer and Instruct in this intense environment. Game on, it’s working. We know FitPass, Fit Family Challenge and Fitness in the Park operates like a business, with plans, budgets, time constraints, employees and all the mechanics implied. My feedback is designed to support the effort. Harry’s summer adventure must have enticed your mind and spirit for a healthier lifestyle even if you are already there. You can improve the quality of you life and walk around with a huge smile on your face. I use dry humor to offer a summary of my 2017 summer supporting the healthier lifestyle experience. The time has arrived to abandon theories and go directly to your exercise routine. Thank you staying awake – harry@ezpro.net.